being bedridden + nature's little surprises

I am upright! Phew. This last week has been a doozy. I knew my luck of being one of the few who never contracted Covid would come to an end at some point. I guess I don't have super powers after all. Boo. Anyways, after almost 5 full days of fevers, a sore throat that I thought was trying to end me, and sweating through more pairs of pajamas and bedsheets then I care to think about, I think I might be on the uptick. I say that cautiously, and I'm still staying home today to get my sea legs back up and walking. I did, however, manage to wander outside for a few minutes while the weather was still cool and cut myself a few of my beautiful dahlias before I missed them, and one other bright spot of this week is that one of our young black copper Marans has started laying little chocolate eggs for us. So, it seems there were some nice surprises waiting for me to feel better!

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