Branding Myself

Does anyone else smell burnt hair?

Haha, not that kind of branding silly.

Like, my presence. My vibe. My schtick. My "thang".

Do YOU own a business? Or maybe have a large following on social media? Maybe you're just a strong figure in your family circle and you've naturally developed the kind of recognizable ambiance that anyone close to you could easily identify in one quick look, listen, or whiff? (think grandma who always bakes sugar cookies and wears slightly expired rose perfume)

You catch my drift.

Well, when it comes to running a business, especially one that's all about looks and style and sells items made to beautify a home, it's important to have a unique and recognizable style.

Or so the gurus tell me.

I mean, it makes sense. I love posting to Instagram. I love getting inspired, staging a photo or stumbling upon that perfect candid, and then after a bit of editing, posting it. I love seeing reactions and comments from people who have decided to follow the business and love what we do. It makes my heart flutter.

Girl. Trying to make things looks picture perfect and being obsessed with your Insta feed is shallow.

Yeah. I used to think that too.

I mean, sure. If you are truly obsessing over making sure everyone thinks your life is perfect, I'm talking, your home pictures are always immaculate, your makeup is always red carpet ready, your children are always wearing matching aprons, and a "real" life photo makes you feel anxious, like a fraud, scared of what people will think, embarrassed, or a failure, then you may have some inner issues you should address.

It's ok. Breathe. No one is perfect. Please know this.

If you are that perfect though, as in, it just comes natural and you still live a full functional life. Dang. More power to you. Will you manage my life too?

But, if you're doing this for work, or to help support a business, then it's a little different. In comes the "branding" of yourself. As a business owner, you are the business. You need a consistent and unique look. Some kind of style that people can instantly recognize and know it's you. When they are scrolling their Instagram or Facebook feed and can tell right away who posted the picture (without your face being in the picture, obvi) then you're doing a good job.

But it's not just the pictures. You have to get 'dem words just right too.

When it comes to your captions:

-Are you straight to the point with your captions? No fluff. No emojis. No excitable punctuation? A little dry?

-Are you the cool guy/chick? Do you type in ways that don't support proper spelling but somehow come across modern and hip?

-Are you serious, intelligent, and composed?

-What about relaxed, but funny, and friendly?

-Straight up gangsta'?

Whatever your style of communication, let it be consistent. People need to know what to expect from you, and if you're consistent, your style will stick around in their minds better. You'll be thought of more often when something reminds them of your brand, and that can lead to sales or more authentic engagement.

Again, the gurus said so.

So, over the last few months, I have tried to really keep consistent and develop my businesses brand. Now this topic of branding is definitely related to my previous blog post about Changes for the Better where I discussed the shift to simpler photos that were lighter in tone and had more white and light woods. That's the look. What you instantly recognize at quick glance, and hopefully, are drawn to. Like, in a good way.

But this post is more about the words.

You're just now getting to that?

I've always been the class clown. Well, maybe more the slightly sarcastic introvert. Yeah. That's a more suiting description. I love to integrate a bit of dry humor into my posts. I enjoy trying to inject an under-the-breath chuckle into the days of those who have decided that they'll pause for my posts. Thank you btw. I am this way at home, with my friends, with strangers I've just met, and when talking to myself in the car. It's my comfort zone.

Ok, so you like to try and be a little funny. Big woop. Lot's of people do.

If I'm being honest, I have struggled a little with the blend of my visual brand, and my vocal one. The two, separately, are great. I'm confident in that. Gosh, I hope so anyways. But together as a duo? It's a little different.

Most of the other Instagram accounts that I follow that have similar visual brands to my own have visual AND vocal brands that match each other, and by match I mean, one is the equal opposite of the other. Does that make sense?


Fellow grammer posts a picture of their gorgeous living room. Everything is clean, organized, and effortlessly gorgeous. The caption reads: "Good Morning everyone! Ever since we moved to the farmhouse, I have adored and basked in the sunlight that comes through these windows every morning. Do you have a space that graces you every day with warmth and happiness? God bless!"

Mine, however, are always a little varied between a regular nice post, a short and sweet, and my, err, humorous ones.


Nice: Happy Saturday! These linen tea towels make me so happy, and I hope you love them too! Open until 5!

Short and Sweet: *insert white heart emoji*

Sarcastic: Our new coconut fiber pot scrubbers will decrease your child labor times by 50% and our new bamboo dryer balls will reduce clothing dry times so they can use that free time from doing the dishes to fold more laundry. *insert wink emoji and thumbs up*

See what I mean?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have struggled with consistency in my vocal branding and I have wondered if that would be a problem with viewers.

Would people like that?

Would they get confused?

Would they think I was confused??

Would they get annoyed?

Would those who like the nice posts be put off by the sarcastic ones, or vice versa?

Would they think my change in social media vocal branding from day to day would mean that I was flaky and unreliable?

Oh the horror.

Or... maybe, they'd enjoy the change of pace? Whatever the results may be, it's still authentically me.

Ok, so you have a split personality disorder. Is there a point here?

Much like the previous post, I just wanted to start this year out by explaining the changes that have been slowly evolving, and the way I am as a small business owner. I may not always look the part or speak the part, but I truly love what I do, so I hope the visual brand of the store and the varying vocal styles that spew forth from me when I share these visuals, is all good with those of you who pause to listen. I TRULY value each of you.

So anyways, if you've made it this far, thank you for supporting the store, and I hope you continue to enjoy the many things to come this year!

^^^This was an example of a Nice sign off.

^^^Just pointing that out was a Sarcastic one.



^^^ Short and Sweet