Can I borrow your self-care routine?

It's been a bit since I wrote a blog post, but I'm back!

When I first started this website for the store, I knew I needed to find a place to interject my quirky sense of humor somewhere amongst all the light woods and white pottery. I'm a mixed bag, and I'm sure most would agree that I (as in my actual physical self and the way I talk/joke) in no way whatsoever matches or reflects my style of home.

Let me explain, in case we've never met.

I'm Ashley. HI!

I'm a mother of 4, wife of 1 and we live on a farm. Animals everywhere. I wear jeans every day and I own about 7 shirts. Total. None of which are cute. They are paint splattered and thin in places and I wear flips flops until January. I hate shopping. Loathe. My hair is long and almost always in need of a trim, and 80% of the time I will try to sneak out of the house and into public without having tamed said split end hair, with no makeup on and bags under my eyes. I'm a night owl, yet my children still insist to this day to wake me up at 6:30, because, you know, school. I make jokes about hot sauce and I'm probably hard to take seriously because my language is sarcasm. I also have a face that, when at rest, says "get away". I can't help it. I'm actually very friendly though, for an introvert *insert side smile and wink*.

I do not look AT ALL, like a woman who owns a beautiful home decor store, full of light vintage wood goods, creamy speckled white pottery, vintage fabrics, lovely bath products, pretty glass vases, French enamelware, linen pillows and perfectly lined up hand-poured candles.

When I was a wee lass, I remember my dad once using the phrase "rode hard and put away wet" when describing someone he had once known who had a rough go of it, and who's looks had gone from youthful, to less than.

I imagine that could be the image I portray the mornings I wake up after staying up too late browsing "French vintage" on Pinterest and eating so much chips and salsa that the high sodium intake depleted my skin of all moisture.

I have always wanted to "match" my store. I think I could easily live in my worn jeans and a white linen 3/4 length sleeve henley with my hair done in loose, easy waves, and just enough makeup to hide a fine line or two and to give the ole' pout a little swipe of color, like, forever. It's just finding the time and energy to redirect a fraction of my big love of making a home as cozy and warm as it can be, and putting that love towards myself.

I think the kids are calling this "self care".

Does anyone else struggle with this? I'd love to know what you do for YOU, on a regular basis that keeps you feeling all warm and cozy about yourself.

Send me your ideas!

Tell me about your products!

Where do you shop?

What's your routine?

Where is your favorite spa/salon etc?

Please share, because 2020 is the year I tackle small business in a big way, and I'd love to look the part.