end of summer + surprise blooms

I have felt less than attentive to my flower gardens this last month. A weeklong lake vacation a few weeks ago, a short trip out of town after that to help my grandmother move, a wicked heat wave that had everything stressed, and of course my being sick all of last week. Add in a few strong thunderstorms with high winds and it's safe to say that during these last couple weeks of summer, there are definitely areas of my gardens that are looking a bit unruly and perhaps on the decline for the season. It feels like just yesterday I was checking seedlings under grow lights and misting them lightly with water. But during this late August time of wild stems, laid over stalks, and fading colors, I do have one small patch of 5 feet tall frilly pink cosmos that continue to delight me with new blooms. I'll definitely be planting these again next year, as soon as I remember what they are called...maybe a garden journal next year would be wise :)

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