How do you speak L.O.V.E?

Hello there!

It's almost Valentine's Day! I had a whole thing typed out that I thought was pretty good about this day o' lurve, then when I went back through to spellcheck, I realized I may have gone a little PG-13, so I'm starting over and changing my tune...

SO! Let's talk looooooove languages people!

*insert heart emoji and wink emoji and tacos emoji*

Ok, so for those that haven't been forced by their book club to take the Love Language quiz, it is this: a lengthy questionnaire developed to help you determine your top love languages, or rather, the ways you prefer to have love shown to you. By understanding your own LL, you can better verbalize to yo' honey what you want/need/require from them, thus removing the guesswork on their end, and they can then step up their game under your direct dictatorship.

The languages are, in no right or wrong order:

Words of Affirmation

Acts of Service

Gift Giving

Quality Time

Physical Touch

They are pretty much exactly how they sound. Let's review, shall we?

Words of Affirmation- These people feel most loved when they are verbally lifted up, complimented, praised and being told they are loved, appreciated, looked up to, and valued.


*head on hands, eyelashes fluttering* "Honey, tell me what you love about me and why I'm the greatest thing in your life, but like, be specific. I want details."

Acts of Service- These people feel the most love when their significant other is showing them love via their actions, like helping out without asking, pitching in when they need assistance, or going out of their way to do something that means something to that person.


Husband voluntarily starts doing dishes and then actually wipes up the puddles around the sink after he's done. Wife catches a glimpse and goes from feeling blah to watching him predatorily from across the kitchen.

Gift Giving- These types see real love and value in being giving a gift, and believe the act of being thought of and then treated with a gift is a special sign of love.


Husband gives wife a large monetary value Salt Creek Mercantile Gift certificate, just 'cuz he knows she will love it, and she squeals with delight at the loving gesture and remembers exactly why she married him. Smooches commence.

Here you go guys... Click HERE

Quality time- These people value spending time with their love one and feel that making that time and filling it with quality moments is most important.


Wife: "Hey babe. Instead of just watching re-watching Schitt's Creek tonight, I want to make nachos together in the kitchen, then get out the good blankets and really tangle up together while we snuggle and hold each other."

Husband: "Tight. I'll get the Cholula."

Physical Touch- These people feel the best way to show your love is get cozy, close, and hands on.


There's no example here, because this is a family place you dirty bird.

We all know you were hoping for one though. *wink wink*

So there you have it. Have you taken the test? What were your results? Did you think your LL was undoubtedly one, then you were totally thrown by finding out you actually spoke a different language? It's all good! You are typically given your top two love languages and then you can decide from there if you need to reevaluate your life.

Just kidding.

Studies have shown that for men and women, the top LL seems to be, hands down, Quality Time. For women the second most popular love language was Words of Affirmation. For men, it's a tie between Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch.

So I'm curious! What are your love languages, and what special plans do you have for Valentine's Day? Drop some unique V-Day date ideas in comments and I may share them in our Instagram stories!

Oh, in case you were curious, my top two LL were Gift Giving and Words of Affirmation.

I also have a favorite t-shirt that says "Bring me tacos and tell me I'm pretty".

This explains a lot...