Let's be friends...


Welcome to homegirl. If you have found yourself reading this blog post, then you are one of three people:

1. One of my wonderful social media friends or customers who enjoys totally gorgeous pictures and my questionable sense of humor.

2. Someone who was accidentally directed here after Googling"farmhouse furniture" "Michael Bolton with long hair" or "extra large bottle of hot sauce".

3. My mom.

Whichever category you may fall into, you're here now, so let's get weird.

Mom, I'll call you later.

My name is Ashley. I'm not your average blogger who's intro looks something like:

"Just a mom to kids and dogs, a wife to a wonderful man, and a decor lover, living her best life through faith and baking"


It's true that I have birthed a few humans and I did allow a man to enter the binding contract of holy matrimony with me. Jokes on him. I rarely obey. I do also enjoy home decorating. In fact one of my favorite past times is staring at a blank wall for hours with a box of wine in hand while I try to decide what shade of white to paint over the current shade of white. I do also have a considerable head count when it comes to animal ownership. Among 7 cows, 11 chickens and 6 ducks, I also have two geriatric hounds who refuse to move out of the center of the driveway when I come home, and two Newfoundlands who's sole mission in life is to slime my parts while I try to get up the porch steps with 17 grocery bags in hand because if you think I'm making two trips you've got another thing coming. I did own a bakery a while back, so your instant assumption that I also like to bake would be correct, but don't go thinking I'm dancing around my kitchen with full face makeup, wearing matching aprons with my kids, posing for perfect Instagram pictures while we Vogue with a tray of gluten-free muffins. Again. Nah. I bake brownies at 11:00pm under the cover of darkness in my day 6 sweatpants while I finish off the rest of my box wine, away from thieving little hands who always find a way to guilt me out of the last bite. Not tonight girls. Mama's going whole pan, full gluten.

As for faith, I'll be honest and upfront. If we're going to be besties, you should know that I am not really religious nor do I hold my fate, dreams, accomplishments, or life plans in the hands of a God. I do, however, live my life as authentically as I can while trying my best to be a good human being who tries her best to practice kindness and compassion. I also like to make people laugh.

Example: I sang almost all of "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan in the checkout line at Trader Joes this past weekend when it came on the overhead speakers. My children looked away in horror like usual, but the lady in the checkout lane next to us thought my moves were sick. Oh yes. There was also dancing. White lady dancing. I used a baguette as a microphone. Let that sink in.

My point? If there is a God, I think he'll be too busy cringing to stay mad at me.

I'm sure at this point you're wondering why this weird child-woman has this inappropriate blog attached to quite possibly the most gorgeous website ever created. Well lovely person who has great taste in reading material, I am actually a furniture designer and home decor store owner, not a histrionic narcissist with a cheap wine addiction like you may have come to think over the last 2 minutes.

Yep, it's true. I have a real job and have successfully convinced people to work for me. 5 carpenters to be exact. I design furniture for my own company that I created in 2013, Salt Creek Farmhouse, and they make the pieces come to life with their wicked beards and woodworking skills (refer to ABOUT page for the backstory of how it all started). They, too, have witnessed my awesome dance moves and it's truly amazing that they still come into work every day. Phew.

The store, Salt Creek Mercantile, is the newest addition to our Salt Creek brand (again, check out the ABOUT page to hear about the journey) We show off our original SCF furniture designs in the store, along with home decor, meticulously selected bath products, our delicious hand poured candles and a plethora of other must-haves. Having a gorgeous historic brick building with original pine floors, big chunky moldings, and huge windows that let in so much natural light that you can maintain your Vitamin D levels while shopping, doesn't hurt either. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

After all, it brought YOU here, and now we are friends, so, I'd say we're both winning.

As for future posts? Who really knows. My plan is to talk about all things home decorating, farm life, hardcore momming, being a boss lady in a male dominated field, a vegan in cattle country, and to continually profess my love for white paint, natural woods, and chippy old enamel pitchers. But if i'm being super duper honest, there's going to be a stupid amount of Michael Bolton references to round it all out.

I'll free you now to continue on with your original search for "extra large hot sauce bottle".

My favorite is Cholula, and yes, I have packed it in my kids diaper bag a few times. I mean, you never know.