tiny pumpkins + late season flowers

It's official everyone! We are in the season of being completely ready for all things fall, while also not being ready to let go of summer flowers. I have some mixed gardens this year, and our arches that we created are currently surrounded by late season dahlias, bursting marigolds, and verbena, but also very unruly little white pumpkin vines. I definitely learned my lesson this year in that the base of pumpkin vines, even those being trained up and over an arch, will be very full and will definitely smother any flowers too close. I've done regular pumpkin patches many times, but I know better for next year now when it comes to vertical training. I have to say though, these vines have produced an early small batch of absolutely perfect little white pumpkin so far, and I'm very excited to see how many more we have yet to come. Until then, I will continue to have fresh flowers on our table and countertop and little pumpkins surrounding them.  Wish me luck on uncovering those marigolds swallowed up by eager pumpkins!

small white pumpkins laying on counter with bouquet of dahlias in the background

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