wholesome scones + candlelight living

I would say for the better part of the year I have been romanticizing the time spent making every day meals. If you know me at all, you know I love to make a big fuss over food on special occasions and holidays. Get out all the cutting boards, sharpen the knives, simmer, chop, infuse, pour the wine, get out the copper, turn on the music. I absolutely love it. But as I've gotten a bit older, and time with young children becomes increasingly precious, I realize that limiting that kind of effort and love for cooking to just a handful of days out of the year is just not an option for me.  So, I made a decision to try and take our family back to an older time when meals, and I don't mean just dinner, are made with intention. Everyone sits at the table, and there is not a screen in sight. It's getting better month by month, meal by meal. Today was a simple breakfast of scones with cream and homemade jam, but it felt wholesome. Who knows, maybe soon enough I'll ban all of the TVs and will live our days by candlelight :)

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