Joyeux Noël

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Joyeux Noël

Frankincense - Lavender - Myrrh

Hand-poured into vintage stoneware marmalade jars, this limited-edition Holiday scent is crafted in our store using 100% midwestern soy wax and wooden wicks. 

Since all vessels are similar but unique, they will contain 10-12 ounces of wax. Please let us choose one for you (no requests for specific ones). 

Burn candle until the melted wax pool has reached the edges of the jar. Blowing out before the pool reaches the edge can cause tunneling and your candle will start putting itself out. Limit burn times to 3-4 hours to prevent overheating, and of course, never leave a lit candle unattended or lit near flammable objects.  Safety first folks. Cheers!

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