Humble Suds Scour Cleaning Paste

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This non-abrasive whipped paste has a multitude of uses, including:

tile + grout, sink + surface, oven + stovetop, bath + shower, hands + produce, and more!

Washes away germs leaving your surfaces clean, shiny and deodorized.

No need to worry about harmful residues or fumes left behind or anything harmful absorbing in your skin. You can actually use it as a hand soap and it’s great on tough baked-on food on pots, pans and dishes. 

Powerful citrus essential oils lend extra cleaning strength and break up grease, while purifying your indoor air quality too! You’ll love using it so much that we guarantee you’ll be looking for an excuse to break it open! 

Gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free. No synthetic fragrances, preservatives, or phthalates.

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