Bread Warmer + Basket

Bread Warmer + Basket

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Is there anything better than a warm loaf of fresh-baked artisan bread? We don't think so. This lovely terracotta bread warmer allows you to serve nice warm bread with every meal, and it stays warm for 40 minutes!

Round Size: Approx. 10" diam.

Oval Size: Approx 13" across 


Place terracotta bread warmer in a preheated oven at 350F for 5-10 minutes or microwave set to high for 2-4 minutes.  Place the hot warmer on a cloth napkin or towel in the basket, and cover with another cloth napkin or towel to prevent the warmer from being stained.  Place bread in the basket, cover with a cloth, and serve. 


Dust or vacuum your basket on a regular basis and wipe the stone clean with a damp cloth. 

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