MEEt our team

Ashley Welch

Ashley is the owner and original builder of Salt Creek Mercantile. You can learn a lot about the story behind SCM on our About page. She is married to her wonderful husband Nolan, and they have 4 sweet, lovely, intelligent daughters.

Ashley loves red wine, even more when paired with a good movie and a big blanket. She believes that important conversations should be discussed slowly and thoroughly over a great meal, big decisions should always be slept on, and that baking is the best form of therapy. Hugging her dog is high on the list, too.

ann marie

Ann Marie manages the all things store related, from candle-making to customer service and packaging online orders! She enjoys cooking, antiquing, and running her Etsy shops (yep, she's artsy and makes a lot of the baby goods that we sell here in the store!)


Claire is our gal for keeping our wesbite, online content, and newsletters up to date. She also works in the shop, helping with store tasks and customer service! She loves all things fall (especially her birth-month, October) baking bread, and being a dog-mom to her mini-Aussie, Milo.


Don't you love all of the beautiful photos and graphics on our website? They're the work of our girl, Lauren! You can also find her working in the store when needed. She does it all! She loves adventuring with her family and spending time outdoors (especially if it involves a patio and yummy food and drinks!)


Yes, there are two Ashley's. Yes, we sometimes get confused. You can see this Ashley's smiling face in the store on Saturdays. When she's not at Salt Creek, she's an elementary school counselor and fitness instructor. She loves reading, walking her dogs, and spending time outside in the sunshine!



Blase started building tables for us from his garage a few years back and has grown with us every step of the way. He has two young children, and a super creative, talented wife, Traci. Blase graduated with a Bachelors in Studio Art and he truly enjoys all mediums, from wood and leather, to granite and painting. In his free time, he enjoys going to horror and science fiction movies and when he's out to eat, he always orders the weirdest thing on the menu. 


When building in our shop, Andrew always tries to incorporate old style techniques and joinery methods whenever possible. He majored in art in college and is an extremely talented, classically trained piano player going on 30 years. He and his wife, Annie, have two daughters and a son. Andrew loves working with hand tools and has said that he'd love to build a home entirely by hand without any power tools or electricity, but understandably, isn't sure his family would be that patient.


If there’s a task to be done, Kevin’s your guy. He and his lovely wife, Jess, enjoy life with their new daughter on their small acreage with a large zinnia garden, their dog Auggie, and a cat who's name is so ridiculous, no one can ever remember what it is. When Kevin isn't working hard alongside his fellow carpenters, he enjoys going fast. That's right, Kevin loves rallycross and all things cars.