Flora Pots by Bergs Potter

Flora Pots by Bergs Potter

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Bergs Potter make high-quality terracotta pots that plants love. The pots are designed in Denmark and handcrafted with love from premium quality clay at small, family-owned workshops in northern Italy and Portugal.

The clay is fired at extremely high temperatures and use slow-burning firing, giving Bergs  pots unique and natural durability.

The Flora pot has germinated from a love of plants and is our tribute to botanical craftsmanship. There’s no doubt that this pot and the flourishing plants within it will create a natural and heart-warming environment.  We sculpted her with all our knowledge and love of plants – and the roots of her design can be traced back to the 1800s. FLORA’s simple design accentuates her contents, and is guaranteed to appeal to the keen botanist.

Each pot comes with a saucer
Flora 10: 3.5"T | 4"Diameter
Flora 14: 5"T | 5.5"Diameter
Flora 16: 6"T | 6"Diameter



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