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Notes: Pastries - French Roast - Paperbacks

Have you ever walked into a corner coffee shop or a small bookstore, and that blissful blend of roasted coffee beans, sweet baked pastries, and rows upon rows of old books and new paper greeted you at the door like a warm hug? Yeah, it's like that. 

Handpoured in small batches at Salt Creek Mercantile using all-natural, midwest-made soy wax, the highest quality fragrance oils, and cotton wicks.  Amber glass, gold lids, and locally printed and hand-stamped ivory labels create a timeless appearance in any setting.

Couple things...Always trim your wick to 1/4" before lighting for the most even burn and a small steady flame that won't smoke or burn too hot. Do not let wick trimmings (or any other bits for that matter) gather in wax pool. (May we suggest one of our lovely and handy wick trimmers to keep it clean?)

Burn candle until the melted wax pool has reached the edges of the jar. Blowing out before the pool reaches the edge can cause tunneling and your candle will start putting itself out. Limit burn times to 3-4 hours to prevent overheating, and of course, never leave a lit candle unattended or lit near flammable objects. Safety first folks. Cheers!

Wickless: Fill wax warmer with wax shards. Let melt. Cool to remove. 

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