Farm Fresh Egg Wooden Holder

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*Please note: Egg holders are excluded from the Memorial Day sale since they are locally made in such a small quantity. We hope you understand, and thank you for shopping!

These lovely wooden egg holders are made locally here in Ashland, Nebraska. Beautifully display farm fresh eggs on a countertop or island-or simply create texture and interest in your kitchen decor. The smallest size also fits perfectly inside the fridge for aesthetic cold storage! 

Large: Fits 45 eggs, 38" long, 7" wide, 3" tall

Medium: Fits 36 Eggs, 22" long, 7" wide, 3" tall

Small: Fits 12 eggs, 14" long, 4.75" wide, 2" tall

P.S. If you love Downton Abbey, we created these based on the egg holder in the staff kitchen! 

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