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Candle lovers!  We finally created a subscription!
How it works: Sign up, and each month you will be delighted by our signature candles mailed directly to your door!
What you will receive: A surprise, “picked by us” selection of 2 or 3 of our hand poured candles. We understand how personal scents can be, so upon signing up, as a way to help guide us when picking your month’s candle selection, we encourage you to share in the notes section about specific candles of ours that you love (or don’t) along with any types of scents you gravitate towards, as well as those you would prefer not to receive.
Example: "I love Sunday and Lanai. Anything floral, fruity, or citrus, but not a fan of lavender. I also love sweeter baking fragrances and fresh and clean scents.  No patchouli or overly woody fragrances please, although I don’t mind pine during the holidays."
We will always do our best to match our selections to your requests, and as an added bonus, subscription members will always be first to receive and try out new scents!
Shipping for this subscription is FREE and we’ll even include some cute matches with each shipment to get you started!
*Please note, while no individual candle refunds from subscriptions are allowed, you may exchange a candle in-store. We do not offer exchanges by mail.

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