Various sizes of glass, Le Parfait jars displayed filled with pasta, beans, and grains.

Le Parfait Preserving Jars

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These lovely glass and wire hinge jars are great for preserving fresh fruits and vegetables but are also a beautiful and functional storage solution for all of the grains, beans, pasta, flours, and other dry goods that always seem to be hiding in your pantry.  

5 sizes available: 

500 mL jar (Approx. 4" H x 4" diam.)

750 mL jar (Approx. 5" H x 4" diam.)

1 L jar (Approx. 6 1/2" H x 4" diam.)

2 L jar (Approx. 10" H x  5" diam.)

3 L jar (Approx. 11" H x 6" diam.)

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