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Eat Well and Be Healthy with Globally-Inspired, Vegetable-Forward Recipes

 "Let food be thy medicine" is a phrase we often hear; but until recently, most conventionally-trained Western doctors had very little education in nutrition. But that's changing--and author Linda Shiue is at the fore. As an internist, her first passion is helping her patients achieve health and wellness; as a chef, her passion is bringing globally-inspired flavors and fresh ingredients to the table. And it's the wedding of these two that takes her care to a whole new level: as one of the few MD's who is also a trained chef, Dr. Shiue teaches her patients a critical lifelong health skill: home cooking, using an array of ingredients that burst with health and flavor. Now in her first cookbook, Dr. Shiue shares 175 vegetarian and pescatarian recipes curated from her own kitchen and her Thrive Kitchen at Kaiser Permanente, with fresh flavors ranging from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. 

Written by Linda Shiue.

352 pages. 

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