The Københavner Pot by Bergs Potter

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Bergs Potter make high-quality terracotta pots that plants love. The pots are designed in Denmark and handcrafted with love from premium quality clay at small, family-owned workshops in northern Italy and Portugal.

The clay is fired at extremely high temperatures and use slow-burning firing, giving Bergs  pots unique and natural durability.

The Københavner Pot [Copenhagen Pot] has royal heritage and is one of the first pots designed by Bergs Potter. This noble pot is inspired by pottery made at the Royal Danish Palace of Fredensborg in 1860.

Each Pot comes with saucer.
Tall 14 - 7.5"H 6" Diameter
Tall 18 - 10"H 8"Diameter
Short 10 - 4"H 4.5" Diameter
Short 12 - 4.5"H 4.5 Diameter

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