Vintage Turkish Rugs

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These hand-loomed vintage Turkish rugs are beautifully restored and add texture and history to any space. Petit sizes perfect for an entryway, bathroom or kitchen. Each is truly unique and a work of art! Age-related wear and patina are considered normal in these unique rugs. Some items may not be perfectly straight or rectangular since these pieces are handmade. We consider these characteristics as part of what makes them one-of-a-kind.

Nadine: 21.5" x 37" Primary Colors: Tan, Indigo, Mint, Grey, Brown
Addie: 19" x 33.5" Primary Colors: Primary Colors: Brown, Red, Tan, Grey, Beige
Indigo: 20" x 38.5" Primary Colors: Tan, Sage, Brown, Rose
Jett: 19" x 40" Primary Colors: Olive, Mint, Deep Violet, Tan, Peach
Lucille: 18" x 25" Primary Colors: Brown, Indigo, Tan, Pink, Light Brown
LuLu: 20" x 40" Primary Colors: Turquoise, Grey, Tan, Brown, Mint, Light Brown
Madeline: 18" x 31" Primary Colors: Terracotta, Pink, Mint, Grey, Brown, Teal, Indigo, Tan
Pearl: 19.5" x 36" Primary Colors: Mint, Pink, Tan, Grey, Terracotta, Indigo
Peyton: 21" x 45" Primary Colors: Indigo, Navy, Mauve, Tan, Olive, Tan, Turquoise, Sage, Ochre, Grey
Sophie: 18" x 32" Primary Colors: Indigo, Hot Pink, Mint, Tan, Deep Violet, Terracotta
Violet: 20" x 34" Primary Colors: Mint, Beige, Brown, Light Brown, Tan
Wanda: 35" x 18" Primary Colors: Black, Indigo, Tan, Rust, Orange, and Sage
Willow: 22.50" x 34" Primary Colors: Grey, Brown, Tan, Mint, Mustard
A: 1'8"x3'7" 
B: 1'10"x3'9"
C: 1'9"x3'2"
D: 1'7"x4'2"
E: 2'x3'7"
F: 1"5"x3'3"
G: 1'11"x3'3"
H: 1'11"x3'1"
I: 1'10"x3'2"
J: 1'11"x3''9"

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