Watercolors Dot Card

Watercolors Dot Card

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The 16 Dot Card is a medium set of handmade, eco-friendly watercolor dots on a quarter-sheet piece of watercolor paper. 

Colors include Blackcurrant Red, Brown Ocher, Eldritch, Enchantress, Ercolano Orange, Havana Ocher, Lavender Blue, Lemon Yellow, Natural Red, Natural Umber, Primary Blue, Red Cinnabar, Red Ocher, Sky Blue, Sprite, and Yellow Sun. The paint is created in small batches made with pigment and a binder consisting of honey, gum arabic, water, and a minuscule amount of sodium benzoate.

These are made by hand and therefore each dot card is unique. *Paint may vary from pictures, true color may look different on different devices.

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